Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remeeting Pete - A Dream Come True

As I'm sure many of you know, I happen to be quite the fan of Pete Buttigieg (boot-a-judge), the Democratic Party nominee for Indiana State Treasurer. So when he stopped by Notre Dame's phone bank on Tuesday night, I was giddy like a school girl (many of my fellow ND Dems might argue that that is an understatement).

Me and Pete... And everyone else.

But why should you believe me? I know many of you are already supporters of Pete, but my testimony of love is far from enough to sum up why Pete is the candidate we have we been waiting for. Not only is he intelligent, passionate and brilliant - no really, he graduated from Harvard then went on to study economics at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar - but he has examined what Indiana needs and why he can accomplish it better than his opponent, incumbent Richard Mourdock.

Pete is filled with new ideas, which you can find here. What inspires me most is his commitment to the people of Indiana to depoliticize the office of State Treasurer and focus solely on our economic development. Mourdock, in conjunction with Mitch Daniels, filed a suit in order to prevent a bankruptcy deal from going through which would save thousands of Chrysler jobs in our state. While I do concede that some of his arguments are valid (protecting pensioner funds and investors, etc.), it seems that the majority of his opposition to the proceedings is based on partisan motivations, a sort of crusade against the Obama administration.

Pete simply cares about Indiana. He wants the best for us, and has promised to put our jobs over his politics. Additionally, he has promised to review our risky state investments that have long been ignored by Mourdock. Hopefully, he will find financially sound ways to reinvest Indiana's money in Indiana businesses. Finally, he will revise the management system where financially efficient to do so and offer more transparency to Hoosier citizens, an essential quality to any administration.

Pete reminded me why our participation in this campaign is so important. Having people in office that are perfectly content to go along with the status quo is not good enough, and only motivated young people like many of you over here at Lefty's can change that. So work hard for Pete, and every other Democrat you believe in, because I promise, they are working hard for you (Pete told us he walked 8 Labor Day parades in 2 days..!). It's going to be a tough election season, but with inspirational, hard working candidates like Pete, we stand a good chance of success. See you all on the other side of midterms, with a brand new State Treasurer.

And don't forget, I called dibs first.


Tim Ryan said...

Pete is amazing.

Also, it looks like there's light coming out of my head in this picture. Like I don't already have enough of a god complex.

Sara Bega said...

Aly, where's the prom picture you took? Soulmates.

Aly said...

You can see Pete's loveliness much better in this photo, so I chose it instead. I do love our prom picture though.

nolan said...

Are you trying to steal my man crush? I worked with Peter all summer and I can concur with everything you said.

MIke said...

He stands for truth, justice, and the American way. He was sent to Earth to save it. Born of the people: Nolan.

Colleen Lowry said...

I drooled a little bit just reading this article about Pete..