Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guess It's Time to Learn Mandarin

Let's see how self-centered we can be, and how many stereotypes we can exploit. It's always pretty entertaining and terrifying to stumble upon such blatant propaganda. The scary thing is that some people will see this video and buy into it.

Sort of reminiscent of the 1980's apple computer ad, only without the snarky, self-aware ending:

But in all seriousness, the only thing this video gets right is the completely egotistical American view that we are some unbeatable empire. Let's keep this country focused on the "principles that made us great;" freedom, human rights, and democracy. Everyone who voted last week is doing their part, so thanks and congratulations.

Thanks, Hannah Greggs for showing me these videos and ranting with me.

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V said...

I'm moderately to severely amused by the premises behind this video. First of all, the Chinese were engaged in even more aggressive stimulus than we ever were -- which is why China is *still* growing their GDP at a 9% rate.

Secondly, the question is begged -- why are the Chinese buying our debt? Giving somebody a credit card they're just going to max out and skip out on is hardly the road to ownership (or a wise investment strategy at all). The main reason is because the Chinese are manipulating their currency through buying our debt so they can keep selling us crap on the cheap. Otherwise, they'd have to buy American goods or services, which would balance the exchange values.