Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here We Go Again...

The first thing I'd like to say, unrelated to the rest of my post, is give blood. The blood drive at Rolfs ends tomorrow, but that means there's still a chance. If you do miss it then make sure to give blood the next time around. Also, good job to all those who already gave blood. I'm proud of my blood and the fact that by giving just a little bit away I am doing something that really does save lives. Honestly, by the end of the semester it might be the only A- I still have.

My second side note (I'll get to the main point, it's just these are short but I feel I need to get them out there) was that Thomas Friedman's presentation tonight was great. Friedman, who is originally from Minnesota, has a great ability to discuss broad, complicated issues in a comprehensible way. He simplifies things, but doesn't lose the meaning as much as other people do when they "dumb things down." I'm pretty sure that's what makes him and his books so popular. Friedman's views on technology and the future of American economics were very interesting, as were his views on American politics. He also talked a lot about the "green" movement, energy, and sustainability. The highlight of this, for me, was when he said "Green is the new red, white, and blue."

My thoughts on green/renewable energy: We better step-up our game or Germany will take the lead on the energy technology revolution, and I don't want to learn German!

So, without further ado, here's the reason I wrote this post and the reason the title makes any sense: Minnesota has another state-wide recount to suffer through!

Last election cycle we waited through over 8 months of legal battling, accusations, and hand counting of ballots until Al Franken was finally sworn into the Senate about six months after his term technically began.

Apparently, my home state decided they hadn't had enough. This time around a very close gubernatorial election has been plunged into an automatic recount. Democrat Mark Dayton leads Republican Tom Emmer by a very small number of votes.

I desperately hope Dayton wins. Not only does Emmer hold many views that I disagree with, not only do I think he would cause even more problems for Minnesota than Tim Pawlenty, but he also didn't get into Notre Dame. Now of course I realize that Notre Dame is a great school and not everyone gets in, BUT Emmer's parents both attended the University, Emmer was baptized on campus, and Emmer attended St.Thomas Academy (You've probably heard of it, it is an all-boys private school with a reputation for producing golden domers). Furthermore, it was easier to get into college in those days, just ask your parents. I am sure Emmer is intelligent and a respectable individual, but as a public official I am more than a little concerned with that background in addition to his policies. I'd also take former Senator Dayton's experience over State Representative Emmer's.

Now Minnesota has to play the waiting game once again. I don't know how long this recount will take, but I do know it will be irritating. I think that by the end Minnesota will set a record for the longest time without a governor: Pawlenty left over a year ago to begin campaigning for President (technically he's still governor, but he's never actually in Minnesota) and the new governor won't be decided on any time soon.

Here I'd also like to add that we had to endure Jesse the Body (yes our luck is that bad).

The only bright side of this development is that it means my vote really counts. This was the first time I could vote and the most important race that I voted in. My absentee ballot could be the one of the few that pushes Dayton over the top. Go Democracy!

Every once in a while, for the next indefinite number of months, say a prayer or direct some pity toward the poor folks in Minnesota waiting for a Governor. It's been so long since we had a good one that at this point we'll settle for having one. listening Santa?

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