Monday, November 22, 2010


On 9/11 I was an eighth-grade student whose ISTEP testing was interrupted by a national tragedy. Little did I know, it would be the classmates by my side who would go on to fight in the wars yet to come. I believe keeping my classmates, our community and nation secure should remain a top national priority.

The U.S. Senate should take a strong, principled stand for America’s security by voting “yes” to move forward on ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

I have been especially pleased with Republican Sen. Richard Lugar’s leadership on this important measure. Now is the time for the entire Senate to move forward on New START, putting aside party politics to confront nuclear weapons dangers. This treaty takes an essential step forward in reducing Russia’s still enormous nuclear stockpile. It also enables us to “trust, but verify” with inspections and a state of the art verification system providing transparency and stability with Russia. A chorus of bipartisan experts and our nation’s military leaders support ratification.

We need 67 senators to vote for New START when it reaches the Senate floor. I want Senator Lugar and Evan Bayh to prove they recognize the safety and security of the people of Indiana and the United States is a top priority by working to ensure that this vital treaty is promptly ratified.

Originally Printed in the South Bend Tribune Voice of the People, Nov. 22, 2010:

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