Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's election day people. So you need to make sure you vote. It's your civic duty. It's the one thing that makes our government a Democracy. It's the cornerstone of America. And frankly speaking we as college students really suck at voting, especially at mid-term elections. This year, we (ages 18-29) make up 22% of all potential voters. Yet we are are projected to make up only 11% of actual voters, and we make up 34% of non-voters. (Courtesy of Pew Research Center)

Guys, whatever our government does will be affecting us for a longer period than our parents our grandparents. We're going to be alive longer. We have the most at stake in any given elections. So why do we give the generations above us more say? Take a stand. Exercise the most important right you have in our government. Because if you give up the right to vote, you also forfeit an even more important right, the right to justly complain. (let's be honest, what would any of us do if we lost that one)

Also if you won't vote for the sane reasons which I've given to you, then vote because BEARS may or may not attack you in your home and/or dorm room, and slowly maul you until you've gone to the polls and cast your vote.


bihrno said...

I voted for Joe Donnelly and Brad Ellsworth this morning. Encourage y'all to do the same. Must say, didn't see many people wearing any election gear at Notre Dame while I was there this morning.

Colleen Lowry said...

cute bear.