Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lefty's Caption Contest #2

Saturday is Caption Contest Day again. If you have an idea for a funny caption respond in the comments section for the above picture. I feel like this one has a ton of potential for humor. At the end of the weekend we'll pick the best one and post it on our Comedy page!

I oddly got the picture from The Iowa Republican.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


The winner of this week's caption contest is Evan Thompson. You can see the captioned image here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lose Votes And Get That Legislative Body You've Always Wanted In Just 6 Easy Steps!

That's right, in just 6 easy steps, you can get rid of those nasty excess votes and get noticed by the guys on the other side of the aisle!!

Step 1: During the campaign, propose an ambitious health care reform plan. A single-payer system in America.

Step 2: Completely disregard it. Start the negotiations at a public option. Keep all the insurance congolmerates in business, but give them some competition. Everybody likes competition.

Step 3: Pass an ambitious health care bill in the house, with both the Catholic Church's endorsement AND the AARP's endorsement. Get people excited.

Step 4: Negotiate with just Senator Lieberman. Hope Ted Kennedy doesn't die. If he does, hope that Massachussets doesn't already have a public option, thus discouraging them from wanting to pay for the rest of the country's plan. If that fails, hope your non-elected incumbent suddenly gains a personality.

Step 5: Pass the senate's version of the health care bill. It's like when America tried to pass it's version of beer. They watered it down.

Step 6: START THE NEGOTIATIONS AGAIN. This time, make the starting point the senate bill. Rule a public option out of the question. Laugh haughtily if somebody reminds you of campaign promises. Make sure your constituents feel completely alienated from the legislative process.

We guarantee you will lose your supermajority in just 1 year! The mid-term elections are just around the corner, so shed that approval and confidence fast. Voters' total frustration in their government or your money back!

*Results aren't typical. America combined these steps with a total lack of exercise (of their majority in both the house and senate, and a sitting president). Side effects include diarrhea.

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All the Good Torture Enablers Escape To U.C. Berkeley

The world’s most hated pretend lawyer/foreign national/law professor (AT BERKELEY?!), John Yoo, will finally have to stand trial for all those crimes on the world he committed. According to my huffpo:

A Senate committee chairman told the Justice Department on Friday to hunt for the missing e-mails of an attorney who provided legal justification for the Bush administration's harsh interrogation of terror suspects.

Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy's demand came at a committee hearing where the Justice Department's No. 2 official defended his department's investigation of the legal advice by the former Justice attorney, John Yoo, and his boss, Jay Bybee.
Oh shit, never mind, it’s just the Senate Judiciary committee? Maybe we can filibuster his appointment NINE years ago?

I mention only Yoo because, according to my tabloid encyclopedia, Bybee is now a real life judge on the 9th circuit court of appeals (you know, the gay one that hates all the christian gods) and therefore we cannot actually do anything to Bybee because he is protected by law to forever defile the American constitution.

And so the Senate will bitch and moan and not actually get anything done.

Another fine day for American Democracy.

You can reach Nick DeBoer at or

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President Jenkins: Don’t Silence Students and Workers!

Notre Dame Uses Police Intimidation to Stop Student Protest

On Saturday, February 20, a group of Notre Dame students peacefully gathered to protest university endowment investment in HEI Hotels and Resorts, a company that has been accused of violating workers’ rights. Students planned to distribute leaflets to call attention to layoffs, heavy workloads and alleged anti-union intimidation against HEI workers to raise awareness that Notre Dame should not invest in companies that do not respect workers’ rights and dignity as defined by Catholic social teaching. However, due to Notre Dame’s strict rules preventing freedom of speech Notre Dame police stopped the students and took down their names. They then confiscated their leaflets and did not allow them to continue their protest! Apparently, in order to pass out information of any kind, even factual information, students must get the flyers or leaflets approved through the Student Activities Organization, as well as have approved the date and location of the distribution. This is gross violation of a students’ right to free speech.

In order to demonstrate to the university that our voices will not be silenced, we are asking all universities involved in the campaign against HEI to participate in a phone-in to Notre Dame’s president John Jenkins.

"President Jenkins, I am deeply troubled with Notre Dame’s lack of concern for social justice in its investment policies, specifically with its relationship with HEI Hotels and Resorts. We demand that you listen to the voices of Notre Dame students and HEI hotel workers who are calling on the university to live up to its Catholic values!"

Also, send Jenkins and Scott Malpass (Notre Dame's head investment officer) this pre-written message. Just type in your info and, presto, they will get an email or fax.

There is power in numbers. Use your voice.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hmm, I'm supposed to take the country back? What I'd rather be doing...

So it appears as if Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are about to start going on tour. That's right, they will be joining country singer John Rich's "Taking the Country Back" tour to promote conservative activism in America. This being the first concert series for the two (let's not mention Sarah Palin's last disastrous America-wide tour, when she was touring with The Mavericks), there is naturally a lot of pressure to compete with similiar Left-leaning concert tours that will be premiering this year (hey, it's an election year).

It will be a wonderful night full of whiskey, plaid shirts, chalkboards & snow machines. Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin should fit in the crowd nicely (one having never gone to college, and the other being unemployed). Also both have books out -- can you say cross-synergy?!

No i'm just kidding, haha promoting a book at a country concert. haha rednecks reading.

Okay, but anyway, some of your friends may ask you to go to such an event. Maybe they scored free tickets and they want a friend to come along with them. You don't want to seem rude, so I have prepared for everyone a list of excuses you can give to get out of going to this concert.

1. Sorry, I was planning to go to the DMV that day. For shits.

2. Ooo I can't. I've scheduled an evening of drinking bleach. I can't cancel again.

3. Sorry I have dinner plans tonight. With anybody.

4. Fuck, you know what, I'd love to. But I was planning on sharing needles that Saturday.

5. What day is it? Oh no, that day won't work. I have to catch a flight -- to war torn Iraq.

6. yeah, yeah I can definitely make it! Oh wait, I promised my dog I'd have sex with it.

7. No I can't. I promised Ann Coulter I'd have sex with it.

8. Oh no I can't. I promised Tiger and his wife I'd be their marriage counselor that evening.

9. ooo, you know what. it's laundry day and I only have my Che Guevera shirt.

10. Oooh man I'd love to. But Bristol Palin has a restraining order against me.

11. Sure I'll come. Is it cool if I bring my boyfriend Achmed?

Any of those excuses should just about do the trick. You're welcome.

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Bayh May Support The Public Option Through Reconciliation??

Senator Bayh's retirement shocked all of us...his interview with NPR on February 18th kept the surprises coming. Bayh said he "might" support it [reconciliation to pass health care].

THAT IS AN INVITATION to the people of Indiana to call his office and tell his staff what they think.

Please take 30 seconds to call his office: 
(202) 224-5623

All you need to say is: "I want the Senator to co-sign Senator Bennett's letter to Harry Reid asking to pass health care WITH a public option using reconciliation." Then say your full name and your address in Indiana.

If any of you watched the health care summit today you know that we are not going to get any Republican votes. To pass weakened bipartisan health care reform with only Democratic votes would be completely senseless. Do not miss this opportunity to stand up for health care. The people of the United States like leaders and strength. Let's finish this debate strongly!

Check out the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for more details on the campaign.

Thank you. Keep fighting.

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Anthony Weiner (NY 9th) Smackdown

(go ahead & chuckle, his last name is quite phallic) Anyway, I saw this on Maddow last night. Congressman Weiner completely owns all the phonies that are not working toward health care reform. I also believe that he is just the type of politician that can reenergize the people.
Key quote:
"Make no mistake about it. Every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."
Check it out: 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ND workers always behind the Joneses

First of all, thank you Mr. Easley for your “Words of Wisdom” (Feb. 18), but I would have expected a little more wisdom and a little less ignorance from a student that comes into contact with building and food service employees every day. Allow me to explain a few things about life you may have missed.

1. Life is hard. For many people, higher education is not a possibility. Everyone has been dealt a different hand in life and not everyone is as fortunate to go to Notre Dame as you. Fact.

2. You say most people have a spouse or family member to help support them when times “get hard,” but what you fail to see is when you’re making almost $4 under the living wage, times are always hard.

3. You also say someone working for a place for more than a decade should make “a bit more than $9”? Only a bit? It would only be fair that someone who has worked at a place for more than a decade would receive a substantial pay increase after a decade of service than when they first started.
4. Yes, we live in a free society, but let me tell you something: There is a lot more freedom for some than there is for others. Working more than one job per day puts physical, emotional and familial strains on people. In this economy, most people cannot afford to quit their jobs simply because it is not their passion. I’m sure it is no one’s passion to clean Mark Easley’s hair off the shower wall, but sure enough, Mark, I’m sure your Keenan Hall shower is clean when you need to use it.

5.  Night school and community college cost a lot of money. Sure, they don’t cost as much as a Saint Mary’s or Notre Dame education, but when you are already making almost $4 under the living wage, you're not thinking about saving for a night school education, you think about what food you are going to put on the table for your family. Getting paid a fair wage is not taking a handout from the University, it is getting paid fairly for a fair day’s work.

6. Some people do enjoy their work and believe they do their work at a fair wage. These are the people that are making a fair, living wage for the job they perform.

The building and food service employees make our lives easier every day. Providing them with a living wage would be the least we could do to show our gratitude for the hard work they do.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exciting News!!!

Hey Everyone!  Lefty's Last Cry has some exciting news!  If you notice in the navigation bar at the top of the page, there is now a tab for "Lefty's Gear".  Click on it, and you will see our new shirts to help support and promote Lefty's Last Cry!  We're only making about a buck from each shirt, and all of those funds go directly back into the blog, and Lefty's Last Cry events... and you KNOW Lefty's events are a good time!

Check out the Mens & Ladies T's... also featured in hot-pink on black, and white on green for those who want to take their Irish pride to the next level!


So, head on over to the Lefty's Store, and then let us know what you think in the comments of this post!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Evening Tunes: Electric Six "Synthesizer"

Hello Everybody! It's been a long time since I've posted for my favorite feature of the week, Sunday Evening Tunes!!!  Many of you might remember back when I started this last year, that I obsessively forced my love for the band Electric Six on you all... and well, this wouldn't be a proper re-entry to this feature if I didn't continue that tradition. So here it goes... This is the video to "Synthesizer" by Electric Six.

Those of you not familiar with this band should really check them out. They're very talented musically, their lyrics are a trip, and they do not take themselves seriously at all, as you can tell from their off the wall videos. And as a special treat, after the break I've also posted the greatest music video ever... another treat from E6 that I posted last year, but is most definitely worth sharing again.