Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Lefty's Podcast!

Here's part one of our most recently produced podcast. I'll have youtube clips up soon. In the mean time, enjoy this five minute clip on facebook and get excited for our live podcast, Lefty's Last Laugh: Canadian Edition. Henry and Brendan will be broadcasting live in Canada.

Edit: Replaced the Facebook with an actual youtube video

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Evening Tunes: NOFX - "The Decline"

Happy Sunday everybody... For this week's edition of Sunday Evening Tunes I present to you, "The Decline" by NOFX. While there isn't an actual music video for this song (to my knowledge), I've posted the audio because it is absolutely worth 18 minutes it will take you to listen to it.   As one fan describes it:
NOFX's "The Decline" is arguably considered some sort of modern day punk rock masterpiece. Basically, it's one 18-minute song that pretty much encapsulates everything NOFX is known for, commenting on the state of the USA in a political and religious sense. Topics it muses on during it's concourse includes gun control, widespread apathy and conditioning, condemning the religious right-wing and anything that ties in with the underlying theme of the countries decline.
Released eleven years ago, the message of this song could not be more relevant. I really couldn't agree more that this song is a "modern punk rock masterpiece." When this song was released as a single EP my friends and I, loyal NOFX loving punkers we were, rushed to get it. I don't think a lot of my friends at the time (or still) really understood the significance of the song, or punk rock in general, beyond it being the latest kick-ass release from one of our favorite bands. I'm not really sure if I truly did at the time. But I still listen to NOFX, and many of their contemporaries that my friends and I grew up with because they really defined our generation of disaffected suburban youth.
The song, and more of my ranting, is below the fold...