Saturday, March 20, 2010

University of Notre Dame College Democrats Make Final Push for Health Care Reform

Hello Dear Lefties,

We've been away from the blog for the past week or so due to spring break and wrapping up the last of our midterm papers and exams... but we've still been hard at work behind the scenes.  

As many of you know, health care reform is in it's final push, with President Obama hitting the campaign trail to rally support for this legislation.  The University of Notre Dame College Democrats have made it their number one priority this year to get health reform passed, having made over 6,000 calls since September--more than any other College Democrats chapter in Indiana, despite our relatively small size.

Unfortunately, we have heard some statements from Congressman Donnelly's office that have suggested that he may vote against this bill.  Upon hearing this, the College Dems, some of your Lefty's Last Cry writers, and other progressive student groups on campus got together at the last minute to urge Congressman Donnelly to do the right thing, and vote to pass health care reform when it comes to a vote this weekend.

We just shot out the following press release to local media outlets:
For Immediate Release

This afternoon, Saturday, March 20th Notre Dame students will be delivering a letter to the office of Congressman Joe Donnelly.

As college students who are about to face the harsh realities of entering the workforce and obtaining health insurance in the midst of an uncertain economy, the University of Notre Dame College Democrats, along with numerous other student groups, fully support President Obama’s health care reform plan and are urging Congressman Donnelly to do the same.

Many are quick to criticize the youth for their apathy in political and civic life. A direct cause of this apathy is politicians who use our time and resources to get elected, and then refuse to stand up and fight for the values that matter to our generation. Health care reform is such a value, and the progressive students of Northern Indiana cannot in good conscience allow ourselves to become yet another cog in the machine that contributes to political cynicism. We are hopeful that Congressman Donnelly will take into consideration the opinion of the National Catholic Reporter, 59,000 Catholic nuns, the New England Journal of Medicine, and most importantly, the voice of the citizens who fought to send him to Congress. We look forward to fighting to send representatives to Congress in November who will fight for us in return. Congressman Donnelly, vote for reform.

The College Democrats of Notre Dame have made more than 6,000 phone calls for health care reform since September. Election year political calculations should not stand in the way of the most comprehensive reform to our broken health care system in generations. This legislation will save tens of thousands of lives a year, all while reducing the deficit. We are confident that Congressman Donnelly will hear our voice and the voices of the thousands of citizens in the 2nd district who lack health insurance, and that he will do the right thing by voting for reform.
You can read the letter sent to Congressman Donnelly by the University of Notre Dame College Democrats in its entirety after the break...