Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be a Locke Star, Make a Difference.

While in Atlanta for the first part of summer, I was chatting with a friend about 2012 and the prospects of the GOP. We discussed the regulars, who was a bit peculiar, who was tea party affiliated, who was moderate. Then he brought up Mitch Daniels and how excited he was to have a fiscally responsible man from middle America be in the running. I almost vomited.

“My Man Mitch” is hailed as the conservative superman whose budget cuts are “saving Indiana.” In a time of financial crisis, Daniels is seen by Republicans as the key to setting the country back on track. But what exactly is he cutting that is “helping” Indiana’s budget? He’s cutting state jobs, reducing Medicaid reimbursements, and perhaps the one that resonates with a lot of us, cutting public education funding significantly.

While Daniels is quick to announce that Hoosier employment is increasing, there are little to no facts to prove it. When asked to back up his claims, he stated that these records are private and cannot be disclosed to the public. So what exactly can we do, as Democrats, to ensure that we are progressing as a state and not adopting a practice of government secrecy with our money?

Enter State Auditor candidate Sam Locke. Sam Locke, alum of Indiana University (woot woot!), is a young candidate with incredibly noble intentions. The primary platform of his State Auditor campaign is transparency: something that Democrats and Republicans can agree on. With a background in nonprofit organizations, Locke is committed to keeping accessible and accurate public records.

Sam Locke’s energy makes him a champion for innovation in the office of State Auditor. Locke has two goals in mind: to have accessible records of how state agencies are using their funds and looking for ways to conserve tax dollars.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sarah Palin's Endless Supply Of Humor

Every once in a while the political news gets me down.
Sometimes, it's nice to mix things up with a little humor.

Here's a fun fact I wrote for OMG Facts today. It's not exactly political, but I think you might enjoy it. Those who followed the 2008 election closely, this one's for you.

You could shoot RUSSIA from your doorstep...

if you lived on Little Diomede Island in Alaska.
You could shoot a long range .408 Chey Tac sniper rifle
to Big Diomede Island in Russia, just 2.4 miles away.

Don't expect to hit your exact target, though.
The rifle is only accurate up to about 1.4 miles.

On the plus side, you'll send a bullet traveling through
time across the International Date Line and into tomorrow.

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