Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Message from the College Democrats of Indiana

2010 was a rough election cycle for Democrats. Yet, this will not stop our commitment to our beliefs or the change we all sought in 2008. So, this semester we will be planning some fun events to get geared up for the coming year and the next election.

February 25th - 26th: College Democrats of America Winter Conference
The College Democrats of Indiana will travel to the College Democrats of America’s Winter Conference is in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee's Winter Meeting. It's a great opportunity to meet College Democrats from across the nation as well as party leaders. Students will attend trainings and will be granted access to the DNC General Sessions. Previous years’ speakers have included President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Chairman Tim Kaine. Please check the CDA Facebook page for further updates http://www.facebook.com/collegedems

March 5th: Obama Kennedy Dinner
The College Democrats of Notre Dame will be hosting our annual fundraiser in South Bend. This is a great trip to bond as a chapter, as well as meet some incredible people within the state party. These group meetings are an excellent way for new members and executive boards to meet and make new friends. It seems like just yesterday that many of us met in South Bend during the 2009 national conference.

April 8th & 9th: CDIN Convention
The Indiana University College Democrats will be hosting our state wide convention in Bloomington. The convention is a wonderful opportunity to meet young democrats from across the state, have beneficial training sessions and hear from our statewide leadership. Our state wide elections also take place during this time, where we will elect a new executive board to guide the federation over the coming year.

For more information or questions please email watts.andrea@gmail.com

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