Friday, February 11, 2011

Hope in Chaos

One of my friends showed me this amazing picture of Christian protesters linking together to protect Muslim protesters at their prayers during violent protests on Friday. Little glimpses of unity and beauty like this completely restore my faith in humanity and help me to believe in the concept of peace. This photo is proof that religious violence is not insurmountable. Divisive ideologies can be put aside in the face of respect and cooperation around a common good. There's better things to fight about than the bible, as these protesters have clearly discovered.

I love the smile on the face of the protester on the right. It's as if he realizes he is part of something historical, something that transcends factionalism and goes beyond even the fight in Egypt. The following photo offers a glimpse into what Muslim protesters have endured while praying over the course of the last several weeks. These two photos were not taken at the same time, but the sentiments behind both are truly inspiring.

Credit where credit is due: I got these images from the following sites:
Thanks to Lillie Catlin for bringing my attention to these images.