Friday, March 11, 2011

Keep Tsunami Victims in Your Prayers

I'm sure everyone has by now has heard about this horrible tragedy in Japan. The video below is shocking beyond words.

As we go on break, we should keep all these victims in our prayers, and I suggest keeping an eye out for charities which will likely soon be calling for donations.

And now if that image depressed you too much, and you want a little pick me up before break (I know I needed one after that), I offer this absolutely hysterical segment from Colbert. this piece is funny regardless what side of the political spectrum you stand on.

beware weapons of mass introduction

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Christian said...

I am hoping and praying that the people of Japan can recover from this tragedy and that the world supports them.

As for the Colbert Report clip:

Silly T-Paw, the Presidency is for charismatic people!

But, at least you're doing more while not running for President than you did while not governing Minnesota after you began going around the country not campaigning.