Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Weekly Round-Up for the Stressed Student

It's midterm season! That magical time of the semester when everyone gives up on sleep, develops a healthy addiction to coffee and retreats deep into their books and campus bubbles. For those of you way too busy to breathe, let alone check up on the news, here's a round-up of the highlights in national and world news.

The drama in Wisconsin continued this week as protesters were told to leave the capitol building and Governor Walker issued a series of lay-offs and threatened to arrest Democratic senators who fled the state. The article below offers a succinct and highly informative timeline of events as they unfolded this week.

And of course, an analysis of the Wisconsin protests would be incomplete without a cameo by Jon Stewart. In this video he examines the hypocrisy of the conservative media and makes some startling comparisons between the current protests and Wall Street executives.

This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church's right to picket military funerals. While I think the Church's message is unbelievably foul and misguided, I do believe the court ruled correctly in defending freedom of speech (see Christian's post below). The Christian Science Monitor covered the case and ruling here:

Fighting increased in Libya as protesters gained ground against leader Muammar Qaddafi and he in turn intensified attacks on rebel forces. Obama criticized Qaddafi for his use of air raids and politicians from both parties have universally condemned the actions of the leader. Here, opinion writer Michael O'Hanlon examines the U.S. options for intervention.

Women in the house went into fight mode this week in response to proposed cuts to Planned Parenthood funding. Rep. Gwen Moore offered a strident defense of Planned Parenthood, offering her own story as evidence of the necessity of family planning and aid. 

Republicans continued their battle against the Environmental Protection Agency Thursday when they introduced a bill to permanently stop the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. President Obama has promised a veto, but you can read up on it here:

Oh, and Sarah Palin tries to sound intelligent on TV and ignores the rights of human beings while definitely not angling for a presidential bid in any way.

Happy studies!

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