Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There's My Obama!

I know that many fellow progressives have wondered where our Obama went. Where was the guy who would fight for the middle class? Governing from the middle and compromise are important, but why hasn't he ever offered a story to counter the Republicans myth that all government is bad? Where's the Obama from the 2008 campaign?

Fortunately, in this budget proposal speech, Obama seems to take a hard line stand against the Republican budget. The video is long, but it's worth listening to. He talks about the positive role of government, that Republicans would like to ignore. He explains that tax cuts for the wealthy are coming at the cost of health care for seniors. He says we need to cut wasteful and excessive spending everywhere (military included), but that we also need to fix the tax code and raise taxes on millionaires, who have the lowest tax rates in half a century, and any of whom are willing to give more to help us through this crisis. He says we should tackle the deficit problem with an all of the above approach rather than only thinking about cutting vital services.

It's good to hear Obama stand for something again, and specifically to talk about the positive value of government. I hope his actions will match his words, and that in the continuing budget fights he will not compromise away everything he believes in.


Anonymous said...

Each week, Gallup publishes the president’s average approval rating for the previous week among four income brackets: those who earn $2,000 per month or less, those who earn between $2,000 and $4,999 per month, those who earn between $5,000 and $7,499 per month, and those who earn $7,500 per month or more.

For the week of April 4-10, Obama’s approval rating was 48 percent among those making $2,000 or less per month, and 46 percent among those in each of the three higher income brackets.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need to fix the tax code. But this 38 billion in cuts was really only 300 million in cuts. That's the amount of money the US borrows in two hours. Is that progress? I remember thinking how much money Bill Gates would have to drop in order for it to worth picking up. But we should be disgusted that nothing has been done to address the defecit and the president is calling it "historic." Uh please? Fixing the tax code is great. But what they are arguing now is "raising the debt ceiling" which is code for we aren't fixing the problem now so we need to change the rules so we can keep borrowing. Only 45% of households pay federal income taxes. This whole tax cuts on the rich complaint becomes complex. Who else can have their taxes cut besides the rich? Using this as a rallying cry behind Obama having "principle" and not compromising is ridiculous. Nothing will get done if no one compromises.