Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have We Truly Sunk This Low?

I'm truly not sure about the future of America anymore.

We used to the be the country that came together in times of need to solve problems. When deficits loomed, people like Tip O' Neill and Ronald Reagan who had nothing in common when it came to policy would find ways to make deals that were real compromises. They were civil and cordial and some would say that when the day was over they were almost friends.

But today something's changed. Today, winning the next election is more important than governing. And that's just sad. I thought this debt ceiling crap was as low as we could go. I didn't think the situation could look any grimmer. But earthquakes and hurricanes, true disasters which SHOULD unite our country are instead highlighting this broken system.

With parts of the South STILL rebuilding from Katrina, with the Midwest rebuilding from Joplin, and with the East Coast rebuilding from one earthquake and Irene, nature has really given us a run for the money. Literally. Because according to majority leader Eric Cantor, we can't give FEMA more money unless we cut something else out of the federal budget. So in the meantime they are pulling money out of all rebuilding projects to help the Northeast.

This is what happens when you hold hard line commitments live an anti-tax pledge or a no new spending pledge, or whatever the hell you want to call it. Principles are all well and good, but we live in a real world, that is changing and brutal. No line liberal, conservative, green, democrat, republican, libertarian or whatever should be held constant through all times and all places. To even think to do so is insanity. Maybe the reason Mr. Cantor can't believe in Evolution is because he never developed the ability to adapt to new circumstances.

Times of tragedy and disaster require us to surrender some principles in the name of others. The Christian right believes in the sanctity of human life and maybe they should consider THAT principle when they're still talking about deficits over disaster relief.

Because see they are the problem. We always try to equalize or be fair and say that both sides of the aisle are being unreasonable but that's JUST NOT TRUE. Obama has throughout his presidency reached out his hand to deal with Republicans. He has made offers that liberals hated. And yet the Republican party continues to say that defeating him is their number one goal.

Right now there are people who need help. And we, "the most powerful nation on Earth", are leaving them out to dry because some uppity Republicans think the bottom line on the budget matters more than human lives. And that's a danger to our country. When one party has decides that their principles and their next election really are more important than the public they represent, it's we the American people who lose. And it's time for us to demand that the Republican party wake up come back to reality. They don't agree with us and they don't have to like us, but they have to work with us. That's what democracy means.


Anonymous said...

When humanities majors no longer know when pronouns should take the nominative case instead of the accusative, it's we, the American people, who lose.

Go Irish!

Gordon Stanton said...

Hahaha touche.

I have to say though, it's not a matter of not knowing when, its a matter of not properly proofreading. When I write my hands have trouble keeping up with my passion and inevitably this happens. I appreciate the needed reminder about good proofreading.