Thursday, September 15, 2011

Screwed By A Weiner

As you may recall, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned from office in disgrace after it had come to light that he had a habit of sending pictures of his junk to women he liked. I've never tried this move, but I imagine it's not especially effective. Anyway, despite being one of the few Democratic congressmen with any energy, this scandal derailed his career, and his seat was recently up for re-election. It should be mentioned that his district has not elected a Republican representative since 1923. So the Democratic candidate can't lose, right? Wrong. Republican representative Bob Turner won the race. This is intensely disturbing. If Democratic strongholds like New York's 9th are going red, despite constant coverage of the crazytown frolics that have been the Republican presidential debates, how do Democrats have a chance in 2012? But maybe this isn't a sign of the national mood. Maybe this is just what happens when a Democrat who actually has balls feels the need to show them to everyone he meets.

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