Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

The following is a post from guest writer Athena Hughes, the producer of Notre Dame's Loyal Daughters and Sons. Notre Dame remains extremely conservative and quiet about a major issue on college campuses: sex, sexual assault, and sexuality. As Halloween Weekend arrives, we think it an appropriate time to open the dialogue about a topic that should never be made taboo. Be safe this weekend, and go Irish!

Do you have something to say about sex? If you want to contribute to the conversation about sexuality and relationships on this campus, whether it is an experience or an opinion, we want to hear it!

Loyal Daughters and Sons is an annual theatrical performance comprised of scenes and monologues, all of them based on interviews with Notre Dame students. It began five years ago as a Gender Studies thesis project with an interest in increasing awareness and promoting discussion about relationships, sexual violence, sexuality, religion, and gender relations at Notre Dame. Each year includes new scenes based on new interviews, in addition to scenes from past performances.