Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Green eggs and a 'ham'

Senator Cruz didn't you know?
Didn't you know that book would show
Just how silly your diatribe was
Opposing Obamacare just because?
You Republicans don't seem to learn,
even though you're told at every turn.
So here's some wisdom à la Seuss
Please, please put it to good use:

You won't defeat Obamacare, GOP;
Your status quo will no longer be.
You could not beat it with a public plea,
You could not beat it in committee,
You could not beat it on the floor,
You could not keep help from the poor,
You could not beat it with 'big pharma,'
You could not change this bill's dharma,
You could not beat it with a vote,
You could not beat this bill Obama wrote,
You could not beat it before it became law in 2010,
You could not beat it when you tried again,
You could not beat it with 42 tries,
You could not beat it by spreading lies,
You could not beat it with 'death panel' fears,
You could not beat it in these three years,
You could not beat it with the Court,
All your attempts have come up short.

So maybe its time you change your tack,
Maybe cut this bill a little slack,
You might just find it's not so bad;
Most people's coverage is what they already had.
There's just more of us who'll be insured.
Isn't that a future to be preferred?
So how about like Sam's friend you stop saying no, 
And then whether or not it works we'll actually know!

This is my personal response to Ted Cruz's bizarre semi-filibuster one week ago. The cognitive dissonance it took to read Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham while lambasting the yet-to-be-fully-implemented Obamacare reforms is dumbfounding. It would be really nice if Ted Cruz and his party would just let go, wait until legitimate problems arise with the new system, and then help to fix those problems, but instead they brought the entire U.S. government to a screeching halt. Here are a few more quality reactions to Cruz's speech from Jon StewartMatthew Yglesias of Slate, and Occidental Professor Peter Dreier.

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