Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I, too, am writing about race

This piece was written by Notre Dame senior Shelley Kim and originally published as a letter to the editor in Common Sense on April 23, 2014.

After reflecting on criticism of the “I, too, am Notre Dame” project and supporters of Mark Gianfalla’s “The Campus Who Cried Wolf” Viewpoint article, we have concluded that the disagreement over race relations is due to Notre Dame’s cultural organizations. We have proposed some changes that are more constructive for campus race relations.

The “racially exclusive special interest clubs” must be discouraged from programming cultural activities with polarizing messages. These clubs can embrace the majority community more easily by altering their major live events. Asian Allure, Latin X, and Black Images shall be simplified to “Allure,” “X,” and “Images.” Instead of culturally-specific dances and songs, the performances can include more inclusive, all-encompassing numbers such as the “Electric Slide” and “Macarena” (the non-Spanish version.).

These clubs shall also be discouraged from inviting guest speakers and performers that exclude other ethnicities. In April 2014, the Asian American Association co-sponsored internet celebrity Sam Tsui to perform at Legends. Instead of arbitrarily inviting this musician because of his half-Chinese heritage, AAA can benefit more from inviting a speaker who could incite campus-wide dialogue, such as Ann Coulter.  

Furthermore, the international students can be assimilated into the community through more constructive, unifying methods. We suggest that the funding for the Multicultural Student Program and Service be reallocated to an educational initiative focused on instructing international students on the game of American football.

Current diversity initiatives are creating divisions, thus interfering with the singular definition of a Notre Dame community. Overall, these changes ensure minorities a smoother integration into the majority population on campus.

From a former “racial rabble rouser,”

Shelley Kim
The Association of Self-Victimizing Minorities

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