Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lefty's and Common Sense, feels right

Last semester we set out on the ambitious project of Lefty's 2.0, and now this semester we are proud to begin yet another chapter for Lefty's in the form of our partnership with the progressive print publication Common Sense.

Common Sense is a newspaper that, like Lefty's, champions the progressive voice on Notre Dame's campus and that, like Lefty's, was revitalized this academic year after a former incarnation had faltered.

We at Lefty's are excited about the promising potential of this mutually beneficial partnership, and hope that our readers will appreciate it as well.

So, we invite you to read the various articles originally published in Common Sense, as well as a few bonus articles that weren't in the print edition, on our site. Also, know that we will have more information about and more content from Common Sense in the future.


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