Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Exercise in Hypocrisy

Last week, the College Republicans announced they would be bringing Ann Coulter to speak at their Lincoln Day Dinner in April.  While I have always known this particular student group to be a beacon of hypocrisy and the illogical, even I was struck by this announcement. 

The irony in this case stems from the president of College Republicans, Mark Gianfalla, authoring a viewpoint in The Observer last week that declared that the GOP embraced tolerance, unlike the Democrats.  Gianfalla states that they simply believe in “the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution.” 

It is with this backdrop that Gianfalla and his friends publicly announced their decision to bring Ms. Coulter to campus, a decision that baffled most and inspired rage in many.  The same group that called for tolerance last week is bringing one of the most intolerant and blatantly ignorant political commentators to grace the media today to campus.  Sarah Morris represented the thoughts of many in her compelling viewpoint, and I’ll take this opportunity to expand on her arguments.  The University’s reaction to this decision should be swift and forceful—issue a statement condemning this decision by the College Republicans.