Lefty's Staff

Christian Myers is a former editor and writer for Lefty's and is a senior Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) major and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) minor at the University of Notre Dame. He began writing for Lefty's as a freshman, and now in his senior year revitalized Lefty's alongside Gordon Stanton after the blog experienced a year-and-a-half hiatus. He also writes for the Observer, works for Faith in Public Life as a student organizer for immigration advocacy at Notre Dame, is an officer of the Men's Club Lacrosse team, and is Co-President of the College Democrats. He is writing a senior thesis on the ethical problems of concussions in boy's youth lacrosse. He understands that, much like lacrosse, championing liberal causes is at least 90% a matter of flow.

Gordon Stanton is a former editor and writer for Lefty's Last Cry and a junior  Political Science major at the University of Notre Dame. He began writing for Lefty's in 2010 during his sophomore year. Then, he took two years off and worked for a political communications firm called DCS, which designs websites and e-newsletters for politicians (Democrats only). In his time away, he kept an eye on Lefty's and was sad to see it slowly fade away. Now returning to Notre Dame wiser and more mature, he looks forward to bringing Lefty's back stronger and better with the help of co-editor Christian Myers. He also writes for the Scholastic and volunteers as a tutor at the Robinson Learning Center.

Adam Newman is a former writer for Lefty's Last Cry and a senior Political Science major at Notre Dame. As Press Secretary, he has represented the College Democrats in both a mock Presidential debate against the College Republicans and a college forum episode of Fox News’ Hannity show. Adam also writes as a viewpoint columnist for the Observer, and serves as a “Big Brother”, which is a reading buddy and tutor for immigrants working to take their citizenship test. Adam is passionate about domestic politics and policy, especially American education and health care.

Tyler Bowen is a former writer for Lefty's Last Cry and a junior double major in Political Science and English at the University of Notre Dame. He also studies Arabic and has a passion for foreign policy, especially when it comes to the subjects of Iran and North Korea. Tyler is also the Vice President of College Democrats and Treasurer of the Notre Dame quiz bowl team. He hopes writing for Lefty’s will enhance his own political literacy and that of his fellow liberals on the Notre Dame campus.

Will McBurney is a former writer for Lefty's Last Cry and a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Notre Dame. Will has a Bachelor's a Master's Degree in Computer Science from West Virginia University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. Will's primary focus is money in politics and the negative effects it has created in the United States. If Will could change one thing in the United States, it would be public funding of elections with no private contributions permitted.

Henry Vasquez founded Lefty's Last Cry in June 2008 and served as Executive Editor until May 2010. What began as a personal project for Henry during the 2008 election turned into a great undertaking—providing a voice for progressive college students. He co-hosted the podcast Lefty's Last Laugh from January-May 2010. Henry graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2010 with a degree in Political Science and Psychology. After working in the startup world for 3 years, he co-founded Earlybird, a digital agency based in Chicago. Henry's Twitter.

Brendan McPhillips joined Lefty's Last Cry in March 2009. He was elected editor in May 2009 and co-hosted Lefty's Last Laugh in the spring of 2010. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2010 with a degree in Political Science and Peace Studies. Since graduating, he has worked on a number of electoral and issue advocacy campaigns, including President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012, where he served as Regional Field Director for the bellwether region of Bucks County, PA. He is currently Pennsylvania Organizing Director for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun violence prevention organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Current College Democrats, alumni, and friends of the blog are welcome to contact Brendan at and follow Brendan's Twitter.

Dylan Spartz is the former graphic designer for Lefty's Last Cry. He works as a designer for LA startup Rallysong. Dylan's Twitter.

Chris Rhodenbaugh is a former editor of Lefty's Last Cry. He is also a former officer of College Democrats and the former president of Notre Dame Special Olympics. He now does research in the field of education.

Tim Ryan is a former editor of Lefty's Last Cry. He was a writer with Lefty's for a year before he took the post of editor. Being totally behind the times, he does not have a Twitter, but he will gladly talk to you in person as long as the conversation is 140 characters or less.

Eileen Lynch is a former editor and writer for Lefty's.  Eileen was a member of College Democrats, a member of the Notre Dame Field Hockey team, and co-founder of ND Fighting NTDs, a social concerns club dedicated to eradicating neglected tropical diseases.